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  1. 5 Apps for Health & Wellness

    If you know, you know... We know you've heard of the Calm app for relaxation, and the Apple Health app... Read more

  2. Trails and Green Spaces You Need to Visit

    Happy National Trails Day! To help you find your peaceful place, we listed over 13 green spaces to hike or... Read more

  3. Get Fit, Mama

    Today we welcome a guest post from our local Fit4Mom® chapter, sharing some simple but effective fitness tips for busy... Read more

  4. Holiday Fitness Tips

    It’s that time of the year when it's easy to indulge in Christmas cookies and skip your workout. But regular exercise... Read more

  5. 4 Tips for Fun Fitness


    You know exercise is vital to overall health and wellbeing, but pounding the treadmill doesn’t exactly get you excited? No... Read more

  6. Fit Walking: Exercise for Everyone

    Walking saved my life. No joke! I used to exert so much effort into doing cardio, body building, and at... Read more

  7. Freshman 15 Warrior Workout

    College can be stressful, but your health shouldn’t be! Keep healthy foods and physical activity as priorities, and you’re sure... Read more

  8. Treadmill and Tone Intervals

    Cher, FY Manager of Training and Leadership Development breaks a sweat with a smile during treadmill intervals and toning exercises... Read more

  9. 5 Moves for Toned Legs

    Show your legs some love as we "kick off" the month of July! Wellness professional Katie Rosengren shares 5 simple... Read more

  10. 30 Min Cardio Leg Build

    We have good news for runners in a rut! You can still get in your cardio while building muscle. No... Read more

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