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The Socially Responsible Retailer Award recognizes NNFA member companies that excel in integrating social responsibility in multiple aspects of their businesses including volunteerism, education, employee empowerment, environment and health. This year’s recipients are The Fruitful Yield Stores in Illinois, Rainbow Blossom, Inc. in Kentucky, and PCC Natural Markets in Washington.

Fruitful Yield stores’ product mix include foods that are organic, natural, wheat-free, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free, in order to serve the special needs of those with dietary restrictions. Staff members have lobbied Congress on industry related issues, including supporting the NNFA’s lobbying efforts, and have urged customers to join these efforts. The stores feature public lectures in order to have a voice in the public debate on natural foods and supplements. Fruitful Yield employees are trained by clinical nutritionists on staff and by outside educators.