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  1. Cheers Alcohol Awareness Month with CLEAN Cause!

    Perhaps these drinks look familiar to you? The Fruitful Life Blog welcomes our healthy friends from CLEAN Cause, one of... Read more

  2. Easy Detox Drink | Beat-the-Bloat Ginger Jamu

    Today, Dr. Mia Iyer  (Instagram @onthewellbydrmia) joins The Fruitful Life Blog to share a very special recipe of hers. She... Read more

  3. Monk Fruit Horchata

    Horchata is a delicious, refreshing rice-based drink found all over the world. This very simple recipe allows your taste buds... Read more

  4. 6 Coffee Alternatives

    If you're anything like us, and are addicted to coffee, it can be hard to say goodbye. However, if you're... Read more

  5. Shamrock Smoothie


    This St. Patty's Day, you may be tempted by your yearly mint-flavored milkshake, but you can make this one at... Read more

  6. Banana Fluff Detox Smoothie


    This creamy, sweet treat is a healthy snack at any time of day. Chia seeds pack the punch in this... Read more

  7. The Healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte

    Everybody knows that the pumpkin spice latte takes center stage for tasty autumn beverages. However, unlike some conventional PSL's, our... Read more

  8. Iced Turmeric Lemonade

    Spice up your lemonade while boosting the antioxidant value of this classic summer beverage! Iced turmeric lemonade is easy to... Read more

  9. I Dream of Detox Smoothie


    If you find yourself feeling sluggish and ready to remove some toxins from your body, it's time to detox! (Don't... Read more

  10. Mulled Cinnamon Chai Tea

    This flavor-boosted version of chai tea will warm you up. Ground cinnamon, star anise, and all-spice create a wonderful aromatic complexity... Read more

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