The Fruitful Life


  1. Iced Turmeric Lemonade

    Spice up your lemonade while boosting the antioxidant value of this classic summer beverage! Iced turmeric lemonade is easy to... Read more

  2. Organic Garlic Potato Salad

    Memorial Day is next week, which signals the start of summer picnic season! If you're looking for healthier options without... Read more

  3. Keto-Friendly French Toast Protein Bites

    This recipe comes from Fruitful Yield Lombard's very own Sharyn Tondu! She is a wiz in the kitchen, especially with... Read more

  4. DIY Lotion Bars

    What says "Happy Mother's Day" better than a luxurious lotion bar, especially when it is handcrafted with love by you... Read more

  5. Organic Oatmeal & Golden Berry Cookies

    To celebrate National Oatmeal Cookie Day, we're putting a healthy twist on this classic treat. Golden Berries are nutritional powerhouses... Read more

  6. Pecan Granola Parfait

    Did you know that April is National Pecan Month? Though these nuts are delicious any time of year, we're going... Read more

  7. KETO Tofu Spinach Bowl

    The perfect recipe for a healthy you on-the-go! Use your fave flavor of Wildwood® Organic Baked Tofu, which is organic and... Read more

  8. Gluten-Free Irish Soda Bread

    Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this deliciously gluten-free Irish soda bread! Based on traditional Irish soda bread, this recipe combines the... Read more

  9. Easy Chia Pudding (Keto Friendly!)

    This easy chia pudding combines two nutritional superstars: chia seeds and collagen protein. Full of beneficial amino acids, collagen hydrolysate... Read more

  10. Berry Lovely Smoothie

    Put a little love in your skin, and you're sure to have lovely results! This antioxidant-rich smoothie includes collagen to... Read more

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