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  1. Easy Detox Drink | Beat-the-Bloat Ginger Jamu

    Today, Dr. Mia Iyer  (Instagram @drmiaiyer) joins The Fruitful Life Blog to share a very special recipe of hers. She... Read more

  2. GOLO Diet-Friendly BLT Salad

    We know that for many of our readers, January means adopting healthier means of eating for the new year, hopefully... Read more

  3. Self-Care DIY | Hair Growth Treatments

    Join FY Manager and DIY creative, for this new live stream tutorial. Are you losing hair due to stress, past... Read more

  4. DIY Facials with 3 Simple Ingredients

    Today, we wanted to share with you two of our favorite DIY skin care recipes! With the arrival of winter... Read more

  5. DIY Candy Cane Foot Scrub & Sugar Cookie Body Scrub

    Did you catch the monthly DIY workshop with Sherrill on Facebook and Instagram? Join our team in making this beautiful... Read more

  6. Christmas Heirloom Fruitcake | Natural & Tasty

    Have you ever felt less than thrilled to see a fruitcake? From the syrupy sweetness to the wet, candied fruits... Read more

  7. Buttered Maple Sweet Potatoes

    This is our go-to, plant-based, Saturday morning healthy breakfast treat. It's sweet, with all the spices of pumpkin pie, and... Read more

  8. 5 Thanksgiving Sides to Make You Smile

    Get into the Thanksgiving spirit with healthy sides! Thanksgiving is a great time for reflection, family and delicious home cooking... Read more

  9. Fall in Love Superfood Bowl | Fruitful Fridays with Florinda

    Join FY Product Specialist & kitchen savant, Florinda, to learn how to make your own "Fall in Love Superfood Bowl... Read more

  10. Better Than Apple Cider | Fresh Juice

    Apple cider is a great way to get in the fall mood. However, we know an even tastier recipe that... Read more

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