The Fruitful Life


5 Ways to Start De-Stressing Today

In honor of National Stress Awareness Day, we've compiled some of our favorite stress-management tips. The best part is that... Read more

Dog Nutrition Experts Weigh In


Happy National Pet Day! When it comes to our beloved pets, we want to treat them with the same care... Read more

Becoming a Recycling Guru, Part 1

We know you’re a recycler, but are you a recycling guru? Today, we talked to real-life recycling guru Kay McKeen... Read more

Grandmom Betty's Founder's Month Message


You may know her as a friend or the wife of NOW Foods and Fruitful Yield founder, El Richard. Or... Read more

Roots of Health: Leaky Gut and Candida

Today we introduce the topic of our next lectures series, "Roots of Health: Leaky Gut and Candida." Our very own... Read more

Get Fit, Mama

Today we welcome a guest post from our local Fit4Mom® chapter, sharing some simple but effective fitness tips for busy... Read more

Diet Trends: Intermittent Fasting

In this final post of our Diet Trends series, Dr. Kalli Prater talks about Intermittent Fasting. Want to learn more... Read more

4 Foods For a Better Night's Sleep

Several factors can improve your sleep patterns, including low stress levels, a dark environment and cozy bed. It’s your food... Read more

Diet Trends: Mediterranean


In this next post of our Diet Trends series, Dr. Kalli Prater shares the basics of the popular Mediterranean diet... Read more

Show Your Heart Some Love

Join Fruitful Yield in celebrating Heart Health Month! Neil E. Levin, NOW Senior Nutrition Education Manager, joins us again by... Read more

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