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  1. The Christmas Post

    In observance of Christmas, we wanted to take a break from our regular posts and use this opportunity to wish... Read more

  2. Interview: A "Snow Angel" Uses Fitness to Serve the Community


    When it comes to snow, we Illinoisans often have strong opinions. However, today we were lucky enough to interview Luis... Read more

  3. Holiday Party Survival Guide

    The holidays are a time to enjoy time with family and friends, which often means lots of food and treats... Read more

  4. All-Natural Gift Giving Made Easy!

    Everywhere you shop this time of year, you're going to find ready-made gift options. Easy, right? Well, not if you're... Read more

  5. 5 Health & Beauty Stocking Stuffers

    "The stockings are hung by the chimney" with... artificial fragrances and petroleum by-products?! If you avoid chemical ingredients in your... Read more

  6. Holiday Stressbusters

    Tis the season… to be stressed? Despite our best intentions, the stress of the holiday season often leaves us feeling... Read more

  7. Mindful Gratitude

    Wellness is about more than what you put in your body; it's also about what you put in your mind... Read more

  8. Holiday Fitness Tips

    It’s that time of the year when it's easy to indulge in Christmas cookies and skip your workout. But regular exercise... Read more

  9. 6 Simple Tips to Reduce Sugar


    November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, and whether or not you're diabetic, it's a good idea to watch your dietary... Read more

  10. Oral Hygiene Hacks: Part 2

    Oral health is critical to overall health, which is why we've dedicated another post to it during National Dental Hygiene... Read more

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