We're kicking off today's recipes with a 3-recipe post from the Fruitful Yield Marketing Team's Molly! You may recognize her from our Healthy Happy Hour series, which debuted on our Facebook early into the pandemic. At the time, we thought it would be nice to provide people with healthy alternatives to bring to virtual happy hours. Now, people are on their New Years resolutions, and many are cutting down on alcohol and increasing hydration. We figured it would be the perfect time to share our very favorite recipes from the series! 

Chill Out Cherry Lime Spritzer Ingredients:

Fresh, organic lime juice to taste (or try this one from Italian Volcano!)

2 Tablespoons Field Day Organic Tart Cherry Juice

1 squeeze Herb Pharm Liquid Ashwagandha

1 squeeze NOW Agave Nectar

Ice cubes

8 oz. sparkling water

Optional: A cute cocktail glass with a "sugared" rim, but use erythritol to keep it low glycemic.

Chill Out Cherry Lime Spritzer Directions:

1. In a glass cup, combine lime juice, tart cherry juice, liquid ashwagandha, and agave.

2. Add in ice cubes, and top with sparkling water. Cheers! 

Immune Boosting ‘Buch Ingredients:

1 tsp NOW Liquid Elderberry (or 1 serving size per your bottle's directions)

Half or full bottle of ice cold kombucha (We love GT's Gingerberry or Kevita’s Tart Cherry Kombucha for this recipe.)

Immune Boosting ‘Buch Directions:

1. In a glass cup, add elderberry and kombucha and carefully mix to combine.

2. For fun, enjoy this in a wine glass for a different kind of happy hour vibe.

Chia Lime Agua Fresca Ingredients:

shaker cup

8-10 oz cold water

1/2 tablespoon NOW Black Chia Seed, Organic

Fresh organic lime juice to taste (or try this one from Italian Volcano!)

1 tablespoon NOW Agave Nectar

A dash of Himalayan pink salt

Tall glass cup

Metal or glass straw

Chia Lime Agua Fresca Directions:

1. Add water and chia seeds to blender bottle and gently shake. This allows the chia seeds to be fully hydrated and start to soften.

2. Then, add in lime juice, nectar, and dash of Himalayan pink salt and stir to combine.

3. Lastly, pour Agua Fresca mixture into a tall glass filled with ice, and pop in your straw. Happy sipping!


We hope these fun recipes give you even more incentive to "drink to your health" by cutting down on alcohol and increasing hydration! Try them all, snap a pic of your fave, and tell us all about it @thefruitfulyield on Facebook or @fruitfulyield on Instagram! Also, be sure to visit your local FY for all these wholesome ingredients.