Tahiti Trader, Organic Noni 100% Island Style, 32oz.

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Tahiti Trader, Organic Noni 100% Island Style, 32oz



For more than 2000 years Polynesian healers have used the juice from the Noni fruit to protect, rejuvenate and successfully treat many health conditions. Mainstream medical, doctors, physicians’, biochemists, herbalists, and medical researchers have touted Noni as a miracle healing substance for the human body.


Taking Noni has proven beneficial to the body and has been shown to help manage blood pressure. Noni juice also found to help manage pain and exhibits anti-inflammatory antifungal, antibiotic, antiviral, antitumor, and antihistamine properties. Noni fruit is rich in vitamin C and selenium, essential nutrients that give our body antioxidant protection. Scientific studies show that Noni has the potential to stimulate the immune system, inhibit tumor growth, regulate proper cell function, purify the blood, and help regenerate damaged cells.


Noni is a lumpy fruit that grows in the South Pacific Islands of Tahiti and other exotic places. The Polynesians healers considered is sacred and used it to treat a great variety of health conditions including immune system, respiratory and digestive disorders. Noni was also used to treat joint, skin, inflammation, menstrual cramps, food poisoning, conditions of aging and much more.


Tahiti Trader Island Style Noni™ is Organic Certified and so much more!


Noni contains a variety of beneficial Phytochemicals, some of which are not found in any other known plant. These Phytochemicals work synergistically with specific berry and fruit extracts to make an Antioxidant Cocktail more Potent than Noni Juice alone.


Traditionally, the Noni plant was used by ancient healers and continues to be used to treat:
• pain
• inflammation
• burns and other skin afflictions

• intestinal worms
• nausea
• food poisoning
• fever
• infections
• wounds
• diarrhea
• constipation
• menstrual cramps
• insect and animal bites
• Fight Conditions of aging


Scientific studies show that Noni can:
• Stimulates the immune system
• Inhibit tumor growth
• Regulate proper cell function
• Purify the blood
• Help regenerate healthy cells


It is well known that Noni juice reportedly has helped health problems such as:
• immune-system disorders
• bacterial and viral infections
• respiratory problems
• allergies
• arthritis
• diabetes
• cancer
• high blood pressure
• menstrual cramps
• poor digestion
• tuberculosis
• malaria
• influenza
• Drug and alcohol addiction, and much more.


The Benefits of Noni

Supports Immune System Tahiti Trader Noni supports your body's natural ability to fight infections, diseases, colds and flu.


Powerful Antioxidant Tahiti Trader Noni is a good source of polyphenols which are potent antioxidants. Antioxidants help the body guard against damage from free radicals. Free radicals cause cell damage, leading to premature aging, heart disease and other degenerative disorders.


Neutralizes Toxins Tahiti Trader Noni acts as a detoxifying agent, cleansing the liver, neutralizing toxins and helping maintain a healthy digestive system.


Improves Digestion Tahiti Trader Noni is a great source of enzymes that help improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, resulting in more energy and stamina.


Supports Pain Management Tahiti Trader Noni acts as a natural analgesic with anti-inflammatory properties that help manage pain and inflammation.



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