Sun Chlorella "A" 500 mg Tablets, 120 Tablets

  • 500 mg tablets, 120 count
  • Chlorella Pulverized by DYNO®-Mill™
  • Highest quality, digestable
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    The Chlorella Dietary Supplement is highly regarded for its natural properties that promote health and longevity. These tablets contain 500mg each of healthy bacteria, vitamins A, B6, B12 and D, omega-3 and omega-6, chlorella growth factor (CGF) and minerals. This superfood helps your body absorb nutrients from your daily meals and supports natural detoxification. When taken as directed, this product assists in regulating cholesterol levels and improving bowel function. These chlorella tablets also enhance immune function and promote anti-viral activity, as well as anti-tumor activity. In addition, this supplement can help repair DNA. Explore other items from Sun Chlorella, such as eleuthero tea, eleuthero tablets, skin care cream and more (each sold separately).