How to Order Info

Finding Product

You can search for products by using any of the following methods

1.) Search by product item number. Usually the last 5 digits on the product's UPC code and for NOW products, the last 4 digits. If you have our catalogs you can search by the item numbers listed within them.
For a free catalog call 1-800-469-5552 or email us at

2.) Searching by Brand using the Manufacturer drop down menu on the top left of the home page

3.) Searching by product category by clicking on the Product Search option on the left navigation bar. You can search for all products under specific catagories such as CoQ10, Enzymes, etc...

4.) Using the general search box on the top left of the screen. You can type in product item numbers, type of product (Vitamin E, Fiber, etc...), or name of a particular product (Daily One Caps, Phytoestrogen, etc...)

For more information please call 1-800-469-5552 or email us at Thank You