Really Raw Honey, 8 oz.

  • Raw, unheated honey
  • "From hive to jar"
  • Contains pollen and propolis
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Really Raw Honey® is totally unprocessed honey. It still contains pollen, propolis and honeycomb – all the goodness the bees put in! That’s why Really Raw Honey is creamy, smooth and spreadable with sweet and crunchy cappings. Really Raw Honey is gathered from fields of wildflowers planted by nature right here in the United States.

Cappings are bits of pollenpropolis and honeycomb that crown the top of each jar of Really Raw Honey.

We are committed proponents for the humble honey bee and her esteemed place in the web of life. How? By promoting the use of nature’s sweetest medicine, advocating environmentally sound beekeeping, and bringing Really Raw Honey to new areas of the country.

There is a mentoring spirit among the beekeepers that produce Really Raw Honey. They share knowledge, equipment and ideas regularly. When a new beekeeper joins the Really Raw Honey community, the seasoned beekeepers share all they know with the newcomer as the new beekeeper needs to make a complete turnaround in the way he or she practices their craft.

Really Raw Honey supports family beekeeping operations. Our honey is packed on-site at the beekeepers homes and farms, straight from the hive. Our low-tech hand packing techniques use no heavy or heating equipment and is suitable for all members of the family to participate in, and children are encouraged to learn from, and be part of the process.

No other honey Tastes as good!

One whiff of our honey, with its distinctive aroma of wildflowers, tells you this is something special. With your first taste, you’ll know you are eating something utterly extraordinary. The flavor is unlike any honey on the market. The bees choose the color, flavor, and texture of our honey by the varieties of wildflowers and herbs they forage. We retain these qualities and all the nutrients the bees put in by making sure that our honey is never strained, never filtered, and never heated.