Grace's Best Sunflower Seed Cookies, 12 oz.

  • Naturally delicious
  • Amazing taste
  • Made with rolled oats and sunflower seeds
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Grace’s Best is a unique, Midwestern recipe that sparkles with crunchy originality while somehow reminding people of simpler times with simple affection. And made with simple ingredients… Nothing you wouldn’t have in your own kitchen.

We’ve been selling our naturally delicious Grace’s Best Sunflower Seed and Rolled Oats cookies for over 12 years. This cookie tastes amazing and 5 cookies are only 130 calories. We use the finest ingredients and a healthy amount of sunflower seeds and rolled oats in every bite-sized cookie. 

Our twelve ounce bag is perfect for stocking your pantry. And with our resealable packaging, you don't have to eat all of them in one sitting (although you may want to!). There are approximately 60 cookies in our 12 ounce bag.