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Product Testimonials

NOW Foods has begun developing information in the e mailings which they make each week. The idea for this came from Bonnie Coberly of the Better Health Campaign, who is trying to establish a batch of personal stories to present to Congress to show the importance of nutritional, alternative, and complimentary methods to improve health. To help her with this project, NOW Foods is using their network to generate a substantial amount of personal stories. In order to improve the credibility of these stories, NOW Foods has arranged with their technical staff to add references to supporting research.

If you have a personal story, we will add the supporting research to it and use it to help inform the public through Fruitful Yield & Now Foods e mailings, and also make this information available to Bonnie and others who wish to use it. Please send in any stories for this purpose to:

Mary Tevis
395 S Glen Ellyn Rd
Bloomingdale, IL 60108
or via e mail
Mary can also send you e mail copies of these stories each week.


Elwood Richard, President
Now Foods

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