Zhou Pro-Clenz 7 Day Detox, 30 Capsules

  • Gentle, fast-acting, dependable colon cleanse helps support healthy bowel function and regularity
  • Helps flush out waste and toxins with cascara sagrada, senna and 7 detox support herbs
  • Helps replenish gut flora with Bacillus Coagulans, a shelf-stable super probiotic
  • May help support healthy weight management when combined with diet and exercise
  • Use as part of a 7-day colon cleanse, or occasionally as an overnight cleanse
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Pro-Clenz 7 Day Detox brings together nature’s most powerful detoxing ingredients with probiotics for a complete colon cleanse formula you can count on. When you need a fresh start, Pro-Clenz is your go-to supplement. This colon cleanser provides a unique 3 phase approach—cleanse, detoxify, and release. Nine fast-acting herbs work to help remove waste and toxins, and probiotics (bacillus coagulans) help balance gut flora for easy digestion.

No lifestyle is perfect, and eating too many of the wrong foods can make you feel heavy, bloated, and uncomfortable. Senna leaves, cascara sagrada and seven supporting detoxification herbs in Pro-Clenz work to help eliminate waste and toxins that build up in the colon over time. These herbs are formulated to help support intestinal muscle contractions for gentle and reliable bowel movements, so you can move on feeling light, refreshed, and at your best. We all know that lifestyle, exercise, and drinking plenty of water are essential to maintaining regularity and a healthy weight. Despite our best intentions, sometimes healthy lifestyles get off-track, and a periodic colon cleanse enhanced with gut-healthy probiotics can help. When added to a healthy lifestyle, Pro-Clenz is the ultimate formula to help support your weight management goals, whether used as a complete 7 day detox or occasionally as overnight support. A healthy gut is essential to overall digestive health, so choosing a colon cleanser with probiotics is smart, but not all probiotics are created equal. Each capsule of Pro-Clenz provides 30 million CFUs of bacillus coagulant, a spore super probiotic. Unlike many other popular strains, bacillus coagulans is thought to survive stomach acids to reach the intestines, where they are put to good use to help maintain gut flora balance for healthy digestion.

Directions: Take one (1) capsule daily with water. May be used as an occasional overnight cleanse or as part of a 7-day Colon Cleanse program. Use only as directed or instructed by your licensed healthcare professional.