Zhou MCT Oil Powder, 14.5 oz.

  • MCT oil in a powdered form
  • Ketogenic fuel for quick clean energy
  • Added benefits of a prebiotic fiber
  • Perfect for coffee, smoothies and more
  • Comes in a 14.5 oz. container

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If you're looking for the benefits of liquid MCT oil, but are frustrated by the mess it makes, the stomach upset, or just how impossible it is to travel with, then this powder is for you. Zhou's MCT Oil Powder with added acacia prebiotic fiber is portable, mixes easily into food and beverages, and adds a creamy texture to smoothies, coffee, and other favorite recipes that you'll have to taste to believe. With zero grams net carbs and zero grams sugar, the MCT Powder is truly the perfect way to add MCT fats and fiber to your lifestyle. Just one scoop provides 4g of healthy fat and 18% of your daily value of fiber. Also, the acacia prebiotic fiber helps to support a happy gut microbiome. By now you probably know the benefits of a lifestyle high in fiber (healthy bowel function, heart health, balanced glucose levels, the list goes on). Zhou’s MCT Powder has the added benefits of a prebiotic fiber, offering powerful gut-healthy properties that can help increase the ratio of good bacteria in your gut and assist weight management—all without the stomach discomfort. Those of us living the keto lifestyle incorporate MCTs daily because they easily convert to ketones, giving the brain and muscles a fuel source for physical energy and mental acuity. Pair MCTs with acacia prebiotic fiber and you have an absolute ketogenic powerhouse. Of course, you don't have to be keto to enjoy the benefits.

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