There are tons of great trends when it comes to skin care. Squalane is one of the more unique-sounding options. For those who don't know squalane (with an "a"), it's a lightweight moisturizer and the shelf-stable product version of Squalene (with an "e"), which our skin makes on its own.

According to an article in the Indian Dermatology Journal, Moisturizers: The Slippery Road, "Squalene is one of the most common lipids produced by human skin cells and is a component of human sebum." This means, squalene is part of the oil our skin regularly produces. As we age, our skin tends to produce less oil and squaleneso some have found it helpful to add squalane to their skin routine. 

It's great for sensitive skin!

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People with sensitive skin can rejoice! Since it's so close to what our skin naturally secretes, it's less likely to irritate even the most sensitive skin. The article continues, "...even though it is technically oil, it does not have an oily feel, is odorless, noncomedonal, antibacterial, and is safe for sensitive skin." Essentially, the journal means that this oil isn't like other oils that feel like a thick layer on the skin. Rather, on its own, it's lightweight, free of perfumes, won't cause acne, promotes skin health, and works for many skin types. Sounds good to us! 

(However, with any new skincare product, it's good for sensitive skin folks to test it out on a square inch of skin in an un-obvious place, to see if it produces a reaction.)

Furthermore, it can aid problematic skin, that is, skin suffering from various conditions. The journal mentions, "Besides its emollient action, [Squalane] is also used in treating skin disorders such as seborrheic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, or atopic dermatitis." From this quote, it seems there may also be deeper skin health benefits, besides promoting a glowing complexion. 

Opt for Plant Squalane

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This product can come from both plant and animal sources. For a long time, shark liver oil was the main animal source of squalene. These days, in the USA, companies rarely use this source. If you're a vegan, cruelty-free beauty buyer, or appreciator of sharks, you should opt for a plant-derived squalane! There are many lovely plant sources that can be utilized for plant-derived squalane, such as olives, rice bran and more!

We hope this helped you learn a bit more of the lovely benefits of squalane and squalene for skin! Visit us online and in-store to see our full selection of natural skin care. Plus, let us know your favorite Fruitful Yield skin care find in the comments below!