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Wellness Screenings

These screenings will be held at various store locations throughout the year.
Below are times and locations for up-coming Wellness Screenings.
Appointments must be made in advance for these screenings
For more detailed information about these screenings, please call your local store locations
Early detection is the key to staying well - many health problems can be detected long before any symptoms are noticed.

Optum specializes in the area of Wellness screenings through the use of specialized laboratory testing, mobile mammography, health risk assessments, and educational materials designed to detect diseases in their earliest stages.

Because of the thoroughness, low cost, and convenience of this on-site program, tens of thousands of people take advantage of it every year. Your organization and Optum can combine resources to bring the program to you and your family.
"My doctor said I would not be here today if it were not for your Wellness Screening Program," states a business woman to a Wellness nurse. "I felt fine, but the results of some of my tests were abnormal. My doctor diagnosed breast cancer in time to treat it.
If an apple-a-day guaranteed health, there would be a shortage of apples. Although there is no magic formula to keep you from getting sick, there are a few simple steps that can dramatically improve your odds of staying well.

The Wellness Screening Programs are a good place to start taking control of your health.

2017 Wellness Screening Schedule

2017 Wellness Screening Schedule