Have you dealt with skin irritation due to frequent face covering use? The term "maskne" has popped up in the last few months to describe blemished skin due to mask usage. Constant moisture and friction on an enclosed portion of skin can lead to skin irritation and may promote excess oil and bacteria. Today, we offer a few tips on how to avoid this common issue! 

Spot Treat with Tea Tree

Tea tree oil has been used traditionally for centuries. Distilled from an Australian leaf, it has gained popularity over the years for its potent fungal and bacteria-fighting properties. Dab a small amount onto a finger or cotton swab, and apply directly to spots. For those with sensitive skin, tea tree oil can be mixed with rose water or aloe vera to avoid skin irritation. Best done at night on freshly cleansed skin.

Maintain Your Mask

 A likely reason for mask-related breakouts stems from an unwashed face covering! If using a mask daily or a few times a week, make sure to thoroughly cleanse after each use. Toss in the wash with a naturally-fragranced detergent with essential oils, and spray a fresh spritz of lavender for an extra fresh scent. You can even throw a travel-size purifier in your bag or car for convenience. Proper mask care can help maintain proper skin health. Don't forget to wash your hands whenever touching or removing your mask to avoid bacterial spread!

Cleanse and Clarify

Wash your skin with skin-boosting ingredients. Look for cleansers with ingredients like charcoal and witch hazel. Charcoal may help suck up oil and aid in skin purification. Witch hazel contains tannins, which help absorb excess moisture and decrease the possibility for bacteria to grow. When using detoxifying ingredients, make sure that you are moisturizing! Skin with a healthy pH and moisture level makes it difficult for impurities to form.

Give Your Skin a Reset

If dealing with sensitive and irritated skin, take a break with a clarifying mask. It is important to allow your skin the time to breathe and recover. Sit back for fifteen minutes and enjoy a break from your daily routine. Look for ingredients that promote a refreshed skin complexion. Mix red clay powder with rosewater for a DIY detox mask. Or try a one-use mask with nourishing argan oil and clarifying willow bark. Indulge in a bit of self-care with the benefit of elevated skin health.
We hope these tips help with any skin-woes you're experiencing from mask usage. Remember to cleanse and clarify whenever an impurity occurs. Let us know below what ways you're protecting your skin this season.  Leave us a comment or visit us in-store for further help!