Tinkyáda Brown Rice Pasta - Elbow, 16 oz.

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Tinkyáda® Brown Rice Pasta - Elbow, 16 oz.



For years, we have upheld the Tinkyáda® tradition for perfection by offering a pleasantly good tasting pasta, stone-ground and formed to gourmet class. Made from WHOLE GRAIN and no other cereal but RICE; not mushy, and easy to prepare like any regular pasta, and one that has no wheat/gluten. Brown Rice Pasta, a cholesterol-free food.


A wheat-free, gluten-free alternative to traditional wheat-based pasta, complementing a light diet, and one that's rid of that stuffy after-meal feeling. All you need is to try a bite... you'll be amazed at Tinkyáda's® gourmet class mouth-feel and consistent texture. Just right. No compromise. Amazed to find it to be amongst the few products that fulfill their mission. Tinkyáda's®, it is to take over that balance between healthiness and good taste, committed to be the best quality pasta in the world and, LOVED BY ALL.


A pasta made from RICE & WATER and enjoyed by all... kids, adults and seniors, in an ever greater part of the world. You may have tried rice pasta made from various kinds of ingredients, and still thinking that rice pasta is unpalatable or lacking... now you have Tinkyáda® Rice Pasta.


Simply an ode to satisfied customers and the joy of good eating, to the endless researches andexperimentation at Food Directions Inc., to the unique manufacturing techniques, and the determination to become the best pasta that is to come from rice...... to the belief that we grow with your support, encouragement and satisfaction. Perhaps, it's time you explored (again) the Tinkyáda® goodness, and took a (another) pack from the shelf?



Tinkyáda® Rice Pasta - wheat free / gluten free. Amazing texture and taste. Kosher certified.



Brown rice, rice bran, and water.