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Community Spotlight: The PiEproject

Community Spotlight: The PiEproject

At Fruitful Yield, we're all about investing in our local communities to promote health and wellness. Today we welcome our friends from The PiE Project, who will share a snapshot of how they are making a positive impact in Kane County through the practice of yoga!

Looking for a way to feed your mind, body, and being? If doing something good for yourself was simultaneously serving others, with an opportunity for optimal health, would you be interested? There is always room for PiE!

With The PiEproject, you can practice yoga, invest in your community, and experience a positive change!  The PiEproject Foundation is a 501c3 organization dedicated to positively impacting lives through yoga. As of September 2018, The PiEproject has served 10 service projects, 35 Volunteers and 213 participants with opportunities for mind and body wholeness. They have been successful in raising enough funds to begin to offer adaptive yoga health services in the areas of criminal justice, mental health, recovery, domestic violence and trauma. Founder Jennifer Gullang shares, "This organization is a business driven to create change; It is a movement designed to impact the way people connect to themselves, their lives, and each other.”  As an organization, their focus is on making mind and body health more accessible, and the practice of yoga more about the comprehensive system for community health.

Currently, they provide adaptive yoga services that support participants' health in the Kane County’s Court System and Correctional Facility. The PiEproject seeks to create effective and measurable service plans for those in need, while providing financial assistance to individuals that seek to promote mind and body wellness services in the community.

The PiEproject Foundation is unique not only for its mission and philosophy, but also for the experience! The PiEproject uses yoga, social awareness, and creative expression to encourage charitable purpose and create local investment opportunities that increase community health.

So, what are you waiting for? Share in the experience and join us at an upcoming fundraising event, designed to create awareness and support for the programs that serve the residents of Kane. Each location will offer an optional 45-minute yoga flow from a featured yoga instructor or studio, an opportunity to learn more about PiE, as well as complimentary food and drinks. Your contributions support creating local access, interest, and affordability for mind and body wholeness.

Follow us on social media @the_pie_project on Instagram and the @thepieprojectfoundation on Facebook. We hope to see you at an upcoming event!

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