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  1. Collagen Berry Frothy Smoothie | 4 Ingredients

    Have you ever wondered if you could get a smoothie that's hydrating, full of antioxidants, probiotics, AND collagen for bones... Read more

  2. Game Day Baked Wings and Dippin' Trio

    Are you addicted to wings, but ready to kick it up a notch? We've had a lot of wings in... Read more

  3. 4 Supplements to Empower Black Health

    Hey healthy friends! In honor of Black History month, we're sharing 4 supplements that empower Black health. Of course, these... Read more

  4. Heart Healthy Cherry Steel Cut Oatmeal

    Welcome to the month of February: Heart Health Month! Great ingredients for promoting heart heath include: oats, walnuts, and Ceylon... Read more

  5. Best Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes from Healthy Happy Hour

    We're kicking off today's recipes with a 3-recipe post from the Fruitful Yield Marketing Team's Molly! You may recognize her... Read more

  6. What’s the GOLO Diet? Answering Most Frequently Asked Questions

    *A warm welcome back to Dr. Hung! Dr. Sarah Hung, ND, MSOM, is a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist at... Read more

  7. Vegan "Chicken" Pot Pie for Veganuary

    Join healthy friend Chef Kimi Karma for this filling and comforting, vegan version of a classic "Chicken" Pot Pie! Let... Read more

  8. Understanding Irish Sea Moss

    With the arrival of the new year, many are looking for ways to naturally detox. Whether that means trying out... Read more

  9. 5 Detox Practices Everyone Should Try

    Today we present part two of our detox week with healthy friend, Dr. Mia Iyer! (Find part one, her detoxing... Read more

  10. Easy Detox Drink | Beat-the-Bloat Ginger Jamu

    Today, Dr. Mia Iyer  (Instagram @onthewellbydrmia) joins The Fruitful Life Blog to share a very special recipe of hers. She... Read more

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