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  1. Take a (Deep) Breath

    You choose healthy foods and take your vitamins. But if you're like most people, you could be getting more of... Read more

  2. 5-Ingredient Snack Mix

    Boost your energy at the office and refuel your students after school with this sweet and savory mix. This easy-to-make... Read more

  3. Mulled Cinnamon Chai Tea

    This flavor-boosted version of chai tea will warm you up. Ground cinnamon, star anise, and all-spice create a wonderful aromatic complexity... Read more

  4. 4 Tips for Fun Fitness


    You know exercise is vital to overall health and wellbeing, but pounding the treadmill doesn’t exactly get you excited? No... Read more

  5. Creamy Avo-Cocoa Smoothie

    At Fruitful Yield, we enjoy eating healthy foods, but we still like dessert! So, we concocted a decadent chocolate smoothie inspired... Read more

  6. 5 Natural First-Aid Hacks

    Conventional first-aid products can contain chemical ingredients and artificial preservatives (always check the ingredients list first). If this isn't exactly... Read more

  7. Build-Your-Own Cheese Pizza


    To celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day, we've compiled a list of our favorite gluten-free, non-dairy and allergy-friendly pizza fixings. Build... Read more

  8. Fit Walking: Exercise for Everyone

    Walking saved my life. No joke! I used to exert so much effort into doing cardio, body building, and at... Read more

  9. Go Zero-Waste with Fruitful Yield


    Are you considering going Zero-Waste? In recent years, there's been news that coral reefs have died from rising temperatures and... Read more

  10. DIY Decadent "Latte" Milk Bath

    Latte Bath? You heard us right. Milk baths have been used since ancient Egyptian times for beautiful skin. They're full... Read more