The Fruitful Life

Instant Ramen Hacks | Mike's Mighty Good

Check out these cool 5-step ramen hacks, using Mike's Mighty Good Craft Ramen! If you've ever been a starving college... Read more

5 Self-Care Activities to Try in Quarantine


*The Fruitful Life Blog welcomes back Chef Kimi Karma to share some fun self-care activities to try this quarantine! Chef... Read more

Cook with the Kids | Nutty Infusions Snacks!

We're loving the goodness found in NOW's Nutty Infusions line! These unique nut butters are packed with protein, good fats... Read more

My Fruitful Story | Sandhya's Wellness Journey

Welcome back to The Fruitful Life Blog! Today, Sandhya from our Schaumburg store joins us on the blog to share... Read more

Four Sigmatic Chocolate Coffee Tart

What dessert would you bring along with you, if you were stranded on a deserted island? ☀️? This would be... Read more

Marine Collagen For Skin & Joints


Collagen has been a major health buzzword these last few years . It has made a name for itself for... Read more

Hemp Split Pea Soup

Chef Suzy’s vegan split pea soup made with NOW® Real Food Organic Hemp Protein powder is chock-full of protein and... Read more

6 Coffee Alternatives

If you're anything like us, and are addicted to coffee, it can be hard to say goodbye. However, if you're... Read more

Celery Juice—Worth the Hype?

If you keep up with health trends and wellness buzzwords, you have probably heard of the craze surrounding celery juice... Read more

Best Healthy Hummus

Nothing quite fills you up and powers your day like the right protein-packed, fresh snack. Our hummus is just that... Read more

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