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Tasty Breakfast Toast

Tasty Breakfast Toast

This toast is a tried and true favorite for all those who want to elevate their weekend breakfast. Savory and flavorful, this light breakfast is the perfect, sunny way to start the day. Think this recipe could use more avocado? See our Artisan Avocado Toast series!

Prep time: 6 min

Cook time: 6 min. and 55 sec.

Serves: 1


1 soft-boiled egg

1 slice of heavier, sprouted bread (we love Ezekiel 5:9 bread!)

Ellyndale Extra Virgin Olive Oil to drizzle

1/3 cup of field greens or fresh spinach

1 thin slice of uncured salami

a dash of Salt & Pepper

a dash of fresh or dried dill


1. To soft-boil the egg, begin by bringing a small pot of water to a boil. Pro tip: Place the raw, un-cracked egg in the pot first and fill with enough water to cover the egg, then remove egg.

2. Using a spoon, place egg in boiling water. Reduce to a simmer, and set a timer for 6 min. and 55 sec. to soft-boil. When time's up, you'll pour out the boiling water, and place your egg in cold water to stop it from cooking.

3. Meanwhile, add bread to the toaster. You'll notice sprouted bread releases a nutty aroma as it toasts!

4. When toast is done, plate it and drizzle with olive oil for flavor.

5. Top with a thin slice of salami, and then the greens.

6. Then, slice & arrange your soft boiled egg.

7. Finish with a dash of salt, pepper, and dill for a delicate, savory flavor. 

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