The Fruitful Life

Body Positivity

  1. Interview: A "Snow Angel" Uses Fitness to Serve the Community


    When it comes to snow, we Illinoisans often have strong opinions. However, today we were lucky enough to interview Luis... Read more

  2. Body Positivity V

    Anton’s Story: The Journey Home My story begins with my body, moving. I’ve always had an active lifestyle but my... Read more

  3. Body Positivity IV

    Kayla’s Story: Through the Hurricane I was an active child, a total tom-boy who would get into all kinds of activities... Read more

  4. Body Positivity III

    *The following story contains descriptions of eating disorders. Cindi’s Story: Falling for the Right One: Myself My story starts when... Read more

  5. Body Positivity II


    Jessica’s Story: Finding Peace with the Past and Food *The following story contains descriptions of eating disorders. “When you’re not... Read more

  6. Body Positivity I

    Michelle's Story: Loving the Girl in the Mirror I was in the sixth grade the first time I said aloud... Read more

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