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Supplements to Level Up Your Gaming

Supplements to Level Up Your Gaming
Video gamers are taking the digital world and IRL competitions by storm. In their quest to "be the very best like no one ever was", many have found various vitamins, supplements and drinks to help fuel their gaming. They do this in hopes of being able to play longer, focus better, and of course, get a competitive edge over their rivals. However, you can't always trust random powders that you buy over the internet. (Hello Dark Web.) New gamer-targeted brands are popping up seemingly overnight, so fast that it's hard to regulate what's actually in the product.
We at Fruitful Yield suggest that you start by carefully reading the label and googling the side effects of said ingredients. Then, choose established, natural brands that provide transparent quality testing. We prefer to try one new product at a time to see what works best for our bodies. Don't forget to follow the directions on the label and, as always, talk to your doctor about current vits and medications. That being said, here are the products we'd pick for our next League session.

NOW True Focus

Key players: Amino acids, ginkgo and DMAE, plus CoQ10 and grape seed extract.

It's all in the name. True Focus is a classic for those wanting to up their focus game.
According to their website, "Norepinephrine and Dopamine are key neurotransmitters for the maintenance of alertness and mental acuity and for promoting a feeling of general well-being.* These two neurotransmitters are produced in the body from the amino acid precursors: L-Tyrosine and L-Phenylalanine.* This conversion process also requires Vitamins C and B-6 as cofactors.* NOW® True Focus™ combines these important nutrients with other ingredients like ginkgo biloba and DMAE to complement this formula.*"
About the company: NOW has been in the game since 1968, and is local to the Chicago Suburbs. They happen to own and operate one of the most advanced private laboratories in the natural products industry. They even allow tours of their manufacturing facilities! Still curious about NOW's commitment to quality? Pay a visit to their Quality & Safety page. 

NOW Energy Extreme

Key players: B-Vitamins, natural caffeine extracts, cofactors and an adaptogen blend.

Feeling sluggish? Skip the Red Bull and give this a try! It's no secret that caffeine helps the brain stay focused and alert. This targeted blend has not only caffeine, but combines all the best that natural energy sources have to offer.
As stated on their product page, "NOW® Sports Energy Extreme is formulated to supply the nutrients you need to promote sustained energy production and mental alertness.* With a full complement of B vitamins and other cofactors such as chromium, magnesium malate and carnitine, NOW® Sports Energy Extreme delivers what your cells need most to drive energy production.* This product also has tyrosine and iodine to support optimal thyroid function, plus a blend of herbal adaptogens to help your body cope with intense activity.* Naturally occurring caffeine helps you stay alert and supports thermogenesis.* This product has approximately 120 mg natural caffeine per serving (equivalent to about 1 cup coffee)."

NOW Brain Attention

Key players: Cera-Q™, a silk protein derivative.

Another focus vit, NOW tells us, "This product is a natural chocolate flavor, enhances attention*, and supports memory retention*. Stay sharp and focused with NOW® Brain Attention™, a cutting-edge cognitive support supplement made with Cera-Q™, a silk protein derivative that can help maintain healthy brain functions in both children and adults.* Cera-Q™ has a unique structure that allows it to easily interact with existing proteins in the brain.* This activity helps to support normal brain activities including memory, learning, attention, focus, and more.*"
Note that these are just a few of NOW's awesome supplements for gaming! For more brain-hacking supplements, check out their Brain Support selection. And don't sleep on classic, simpler herbs like Ginko Biloba and Curcubrain!

Emerald Health Bioceuticals Endo Brain

Key players: CBD alternative blend of proprietary, full-spectrum PhytoCann™ Complex, plus herbs and botanicals: bacopa and huperzine. 
Emerald Health Bioceuticals Endo Brain, CBD Alternative, 60 Gelcaps
Another option to consider for brain support is via the endocannabinoid system.
According to their website, Emerald Health describes their product as "A natural cognition solution.* Endo brain naturally supports mental acuity and cognition by nurturing and nourishing your endocannabinoid system.* It supports memory and cognition, brain cell transmission and protection of the brain from oxidative damage homeostasis (the biological balance of body and mind). It affects endocannabinoid receptor sites, production of endocannabinoids and the retention of endocannabinoids.*" We also love Endo Calm for keeping our cool, and Endo Inflame which may promote a soothing response to any pain or inflammation during game play.*
About the company: Emerald Health Bioceuticals is a company that has built around supporting the EndoCannabinoid System. Their website elaborates on their mission: "To boost and activate the system during times of depletion, stress, illness or injury when we could use some extra support. Our Scientific Advisory Board created Phytocann® Complex - our proprietary, science-backed blend of botanical extracts that activate the System better than cannabis derivatives like CBD, THC, or both combined. Serving as the foundation of our Endo PhytoCann® product line, this cannabis-free phytocannabinoid blend features clove, Szechuan pepper, ginger, Echinacea, peony and magnolia in the precise potencies and ratios to offer synergistic, full-spectrum support for your endocannabinoid system." They also have a 30-Day Empty Bottle Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Wiley's Finest Bold Vision: Proactive

Key players: Essential nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin, bilberry, zinc, vitamin e, omega-7 and astaxanthin.

While your hands are working at lightning speed, you also need to protect your eyes from the blue light glare of your screen. Protect your eye health by preventing strain. According to their website, this special product "delivers select nutrients in two small softgels. Featuring FloraGLO® (the most clinically studied lutein) along with Omega-7 from Fish Oil, Anthocyanins from European Bilberry, and Astaxanthin from algae, Bold Vision Proactive nourishes eyes and supports healthy vision in adults of all ages.
About the Company: "Although choosing a Fish Oil brand can seem overwhelming, Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil makes the choice simple. It's American made and sustainable, with concentrated Omega-3 products. Wiley’s Finest is dedicated to quality, transparency, and sustainability by offering the only full line of NSF® Contents Tested and Certified Fish Oil supplements, to ensure exceptional quality and safety for our customers... The NSF® Contents Tested & Certified mark on our products is your assurance that the product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today. Each and every formula is independently certified by NSF® to meet its label claim for its nutrients, and is tested to be safe from harmful contaminants. Wiley’s Finest is proud to offer a line of exceptional quality supplements that stand out as an industry leader in third party GMP certification and testing."
Though there are many other suitable gaming products, these are some of our favorites. Whatever you do, don't get too excited and try all of these vitamins at once! Talk to your doctor and see which work best for your body and lifestyle. We hope you enjoy these products we suggested, and keep winning!
* The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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