Tis the season… to be stressed? Despite our best intentions, the stress of the holiday season often leaves us feeling drained and less than jolly. (Especially in 2020!) Try one or all of these tips to support your mood and recover some of the joy--or at least your sanity!

Take a Breath

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Right now! Seriously. Practicing deep breathing can go a long way to help relieve stress. And it only takes a minute or two! Enhance the rejuvenating effects of breathing with aromatherapy. Try diffusing NOW's Peace and Harmony blend at home, or make your own seasonal home fragrances using pure essential oils!

We also like to practice our breathing with this helpful GIF.

Hydrate and Fuel

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You already know this, but eating a healthy diet and staying hydrated is critical to stress support. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day! To further promote positive mood and a calm nervous system, try mixing in some Calm, our favorite "anti-stress drink".

For diet, focus on fresh produce and lean proteins at meals. Keep healthy snacks handy for busy holiday schedules. We love Vega protein bars for delicious, plant-based nutrition on-the-go. Not to mention, fueling up on a handful of pumpkin seeds or brazil nuts, with important nutrients like potassium or selenium, supports a healthy mood and healthy snacking. 

Stay Active

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When it comes to exercise, a quick workout is definitely better than "too busy"! Even just 15 minutes of physical activity per day can ease stress while boosting your energy and immune system. Check out these quick exercise tips for some simple ideas to stay active during this busy season.

Support your Body

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Sometimes, even a healthy diet and exercise aren't enough to ward off all the effects of stress. This is where adaptogenic herbs like Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and Holy Basil can help! These and other adrenal-supporting blends such as Adrenal-T™ by Life Seasons can "take the edge off" and support your body while managing stress. 


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Enough quality sleep does more to manage stress than perhaps any other healthy habit! Unfortunately, unlike diet and exercise, it is more difficult to regulate. If you struggle to get enough Z's, making small changes to your environment and routine can have a big impact on your sleep.

Now is not the time for doom scrolling! Limit screen time in the evening, or use a blue light filter app. Better yet, read a relaxing book or listen to calming music before going to bed. Limit caffeine intake, especially later in the day. Sip a nighttime tea or supplement with calming herbs like Valerian Root or Passion Flower. If you still can't fall asleep, a low dose of Melatonin can be helpful as a short-term sleep aid. 


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Practice gratitude. Remind yourself why you celebrate this season. Keep that priority in perspective; post sticky notes or set a reminder on your phone with a centering bible verse or quote. Take a few minutes to listen to your favorite Christmas carol, or pause to enjoy a holiday light display. Parties and gifts won't last, but what you take away from this season will.

What's your favorite stress-busting tip? Share in the comments below!

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