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Show Your Heart Some Love

Show Your Heart Some Love

Join Fruitful Yield in celebrating Heart Health Month! Neil E. Levin, NOW Senior Nutrition Education Manager, joins us again by sharing some heart health tips that changed the game for him.

Why I’m passionate about heart health:

I’m personally interested because I have heart problems of my own. I have to know these things to stay out of the hospital. Heart health can change someone's whole lifestyle. We know it’s one of the largest causes of death and disability in our society! The fact that everybody knows somebody with heart problems means we can’t escape dealing with this. Outside of that, heart health is a major driver of health care costs in the U.S.

When to be concerned:

The heart comes to the forefront as we age. In men, we see it because of stress and nutritional deficits over time. Often, heart trouble drives them to their doctor in their 40’s-50’s. In women, heart health becomes more of an issue after menopause. Men tend to be more aware of heart concerns than women, but after women go through “change of life," it’s a concern for anyone.

Always see your doctor and possibly a cardiologist about any heart concerns. There are lots of cool, new options for heart monitors, including smart watches.

We don't "heart" these risks:

Risks include lack of exercise, obesity, smoking habits, lack of nutrients, and one’s family history. These are classic risk factors that doctors are aware of. However, people are often not aware of an unhealthy heart. Most deaths from heart attack or stroke happen in people not yet diagnosed with heart disease. Sadly, there is no warning for 2/3 of women and 55% of men who die of sudden cardiac death.

The heart loves good eatin':

Generally, a wholesome diet of unprocessed food is best to nourish the heart. It’s better to avoid foods that lack nutrients, with lots of sugar and processed fats. Whole grains are important because they have plant sterols, fiber, and a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, they help people feel full and reduce unhealthy cravings.

My heart-loving supplements:

I take a number of them! I take vitamin D 5,000; most people don’t know that low vitamin D is a dramatic risk to heart health! I take magnesium in 3 different forms, Hawthorn leaf and flower extract, olive leaf extract, amino acids, citrulline, and taurine. I also love Omega-3, pine bark extract or “Pycnogenol," cayenne, plus a multi-vitamin including B vitamins. Did I mention CoQ10?

Since then, I’ve had fewer incidents of Cardiac Arrhythmia, and I’ve stayed out of the hospital for a couple of years.

Lifestyle notes:

Aerobic exercise [like running, swimming, and biking] is known to be good. Supplements alone aren’t as effective as adding them to a healthy lifestyle. I monitor what’s going on in my body with a doctor -- especially for things like blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, etc. Managing stress and maintaining vitamin levels are also keys to heart health.

Our team at Fruitful Yield challenges you to buckle down and get going! Tell us how you show your heart some love in the comments below or on social media with #TheFruitfulLife.

*Content contained in this article is not intended to provide or constitute medical or healthcare advice. Nor can it be relied upon as preventative care, cure, or treatment for any disease or medical condition. You should consult a qualified healthcare professional for advice regarding the diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition and before starting any supplementation, nutritional, exercise, or other medical programs.

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