You might have wondered, "What's that big basket at the front of my Fruitful Yield?" Don't be fooled -- it's not a garbage can! This basket is for shelf-stable food and toiletries you can drop off after shopping. Through these baskets, we feed hungry, low-income families and elderly folks in DuPage county, in partnership with People's Resource Center.

For those not familiar with People's Resource Center, they are located in Westmont and Wheaton, IL. They have a 94.8/100, 4-star rating on Charity Navigator, meaning that they use their resources responsibly and are transparent about their work. To describe themselves, People's Resource Center says they, "respond to basic human needs, promote dignity and justice, and create a future of hope and opportunity for DuPage County residents." They do this in many ways including their food pantries, job training, classes, school supply drives, financial counseling, expecting mother support and more!

44 years ago, their founder wondered, "How can I help my neighbor?" They have been striving to answer that question every day since in everything that they do -- and they are able to help because of volunteers and donors like you! They refer to this as "neighbors helping neighbors", which we love. Because PRC is a non-profit organization, volunteers' time and donations (monetary or food/household items) are key to being able to provide their many community service programs.

Their food pantries distributed 39,884 shopping carts and served nearly 8,000 children last fiscal year! They provide fresh produce, meats and dairy, canned goods, and household staples to their clients. Those who visit are given a shopping cart and are encouraged to choose the foods that are best for them. The organization knows this practice is more thoughtful and healthful, as opposed to pre-packaged food parcels. It's investing in the health of their community, and children's futures. Their services are available twice a month to all DuPage residents who complete an easy interview and register. When they pick up foods, they are greeted by a friendly volunteer who helps them and answers any questions. Volunteers help with the bagging process and help folks transport the food to their cars too. This practice is a great help to the elderly population they serve. They are also flexible for those who are less mobile.

You can see their food pantry page for both volunteer and program participant details. For donating shelf-stable foods, toiletries, and household items, please ask to see the baskets in our Fruitful Yield stores for details!