Today one of our very own product specialists shares the low-down on a product that doesn't get talked about a lot, but we think you ladies will be glad she did!

Show of hands (works great for a blog post, right?)-- how many of us make sure the skin on our face gets the best possible care? We cleanse, tone, moisturize, as well as use masks, spot treatments, and sun protection to ensure happy, healthy skin. But how often do you think about “down there” skincare? Sadly, it's often an afterthought, or even something that we're shy to talk about.

What is Vmagic?

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Enter Vmagic by Medicine Mama's Apothecary! Vmagic is here to let you know that it is totally fine to talk about vagina and vulva health. Those intimate areas are 100% deserving of the finest care you can give them and shouldn’t be ignored! Why? V troubles can happen to ladies of any walk of life. Chafing, sweating, shaving, vigorous intimate activity, synthetic fibers, perfumed soaps or menstrual products, and harsh detergents can all cause physically irritating challenges. Even toilet paper can alter the pH of the skin. Then there’s internal factors such as hormonal imbalances, from menstrual cycles to pregnancy to menopause. These fluctuations can cause vaginal dryness or increased sensitivity to irritants. Needless to say, the whole "V area" goes through a lot!


What's in it?

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A base of olive and avocado oils provide essential fatty acids and vitamin E to moisturize encourage skin repair. Sea buckthorn soothes with carotenoids and omega 7’s, while beeswax protects from irritation and friction. However, the main superstar ingredient in Vmagic (as well as Bee Magic!) is Melexylem, a blend of honey and propolis. Both are harvested from deep ancient forests, where the healing enzymatic action of these raw materials is much more potent. These ingredients are then cured together in batches for 28 days. Defensive proteins bound with unique sugars found in honey dramatically increase the potency and bioavailability of both compared to each one used alone.


Who is Vmagic for?

Photo: Vmagic, Team: @herplaceisin, Creative Producer: @mishellly, Photographer: @brianagardener, Assistant Stylist: @pobre__diabla_


Anyone with a vulva that needs some extra love! It’s great for all ages and activity levels: for both expecting and new mothers who need some extra care, to more mature women who have troubles with hormonal dryness, to physically active women who are more prone to pH imbalance and chafing. It’s fantastic as a post-shave balm to help prevent razor burn and bumps, and is great for before, during or after intimate activity (while Vmagic is intended for external use, there’s no need to worry if it comes in contact with the internal area, as it is food grade, dermatology tested non-toxic, and clinically tested at 0% non-irritancy).

Can you use it if you don’t have an “issue?” Absolutely! Even if you don’t have a specific lady “challenge” going on, this balm is soothing and moisturizing to skin that most definitely needs it. Just as we cleanse and moisturize the rest of our skin, our V regions are deserving of a complete regimen as well. If you really wanna feel like the queen you are, don’t be shy about giving all your skin-- even the most intimate-- the extra care it needs and deserves.

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