Today we welcome a guest post from Dignity Coconuts, a coconut oil brand that is transforming communities one jar at a time! 

So, why start another coconut oil company?

Most coconut companies only buy from big plantations, leaving those with small farms at the mercy of middlemen who take a large cut for themselves and force farmers into taking loans with interest rates of 25 - 200%! Rates this high make it impossible to pay back the loan before another need arises. We were outraged by these systems of injustice that trap families in poverty and sex trafficking!

smiling factory worker wearing blue hair net and gloves holding glass jar of coconut oil

We partnered with locals to create a way out.

First, we empower farmers to farm better and smarter. So far, we've trained over 200 local farmers in organic farming techniques. Then we connect these local farmers directly to you! We are giving our farmers an opportunity to get fair prices for their coconuts and be treated with respect. And we introduce you to our farmers and plant workers-- each large jar of coconut oil is signed by the person who proudly made it! Our holistic approach goes beyond fair trade, providing direct trade, jobs, education, clean water, and most importantly, hope.

Our RAW Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% Organic and Sustainable.

We perfected the art of making coconut oil through a unique raw method that doesn’t dry out or over-process the oil. Instead, we use a centrifuge that simply spins the oil out of the fresh coconut cream. This unique method is 100% raw, preserving all micronutrients. Best of all, our fresh, mild taste won’t overpower your food, making it the perfect oil for your everyday meals and ideal for smoothies, oil pulling, skin and hair. We then bottle our coconut oil on-site and ship directly to our retailers. Now that's fresh!

wooden spoon in open glass jar of coconut oil on striped tablecloth

Enjoying this jar of coconut oil offers families freedom from injustice and restores their hope with dignity. Thanks to Fruitful Yield and their support of us and families all over the world!

Thank-YOU, Dignity Coconuts, for transforming impoverished communities and providing quality coconut oil for us to enjoy! We are proud to partner with you and other businesses like yours that are making a positive impact in lives and communities.