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Oral Hygiene Hacks: Part 2

Oral Hygiene Hacks: Part 2

Oral health is critical to overall health, which is why we've dedicated another post to it during National Dental Hygiene Month. In our first post, we explored natural alternatives to brushing and flossing. Here, we take a look at oil pulling, natural teeth whitening, and chewing gum!

Oil Pulling

Based on an ancient Ayurvedic practice, oil pulling deeply cleans teeth and gums and helps fight stains. You can easily enjoy the benefits with coconut or sesame seed oil. Simply swish a spoonful in your mouth, "pulling" between teeth, for 3-20 minutes at a time. Spit into a disposable container to avoid clogging drains (try reusing those resealable lunch baggies!). Rinse immediately and brush thoroughly with an all-natural toothpaste. Repeat several times a week or even daily. For a great-tasting and convenient option, try Desert Essence® Coconut Oil Pulling Rinse, made with herbs and essential oils for additional oral health benefits.

Chewing Gum

No, we're not talking about the sugary kind that's bad for your teeth! Chewing gum made with Xylitol can actually help fight bacteria that cause tooth decay. Spry® gum is an easy and tasty way to keep teeth clean on-the-go. Besides traditional peppermint and cinnamon, Spry® gum is available in fun flavors like Fresh Fruit and Green Tea!


Want a brighter smile without harsh chemical whiteners? Lumineux™ Oral Essentials combines re-mineralizing Dead Sea Salt with essential oils for a natural alternative to whitening strips. Check out their convenient whitening kit with a two-week supply of strips. Pair with a whitening toothpaste or mouth rinse for an even brighter smile!

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