Hello! My name is Michelle, Fruitful Yield Staff Writer and member of Fruitful Yield's Marketing Team. Today, I wanted to share my nighttime relation routine, because it's helped me and I hope it can help others too. I spend 8 hours at work, do chores afterward, and spend the majority of the day staring at a screen. It's basically a recipe for a racing heart. Luckily, I've found some amazing ways to unwind before bed, that relax my nerves and get me ready to drift off to amazing sleep.

Wander off

I love a long walk in the evening. Walking is not only great for a number of health targets, but it also helps with sleep. According to Harvard Health Publishing, "Exercise boosts the effect of natural sleep hormones such as melatonin." I prefer to take a relaxing walk with my mom and dog. It's safer to walk at night with a friend. Plus, I have positive conversations to set the tone of the night.

Set the mood

It's important for the body to have less light as bedtime approaches. This is due to the body's "circadian rhythms" or sleep/wake cycles, which use darkness and light as signals to make the body sleepy or energized. I enjoy showering with a few candles lit, but of course, recommend a candlelit bath for safety reasons! I prefer these candles from Goodlight, which produce beautiful light with a clean burn. It creates the relaxing atmosphere of a spa, with a calming aroma, and without being too strong. Sometimes, I use a diffuser with my favorite essential oil in addition to that. I diffuse mint or eucalyptus, but you can also diffuse more relaxing essential oils like lavender or chamomile

Que the music

Music can have profound effects on our mood. I set the mood to my shower with some calming instrumental music. In my experience, when music has no words, it's far more calming because it allows the brain to shut off. Peaceful piano playlists and sleep playlists can be found on most music streaming platforms. I love this one on Spotify! Play around with different styles, and see what gets you the most relaxed!

Do a non-screen activity

You've taken a walk and showered in the dark to calming music, now don't ruin it with staring at your bright phone for another hour. You've slowed your body down, so keep it calm with a non-screen activity. It might be prayer, quiet meditation, reading a book, or playing your instrument. I like to play a little bit on my guitar or read until I'm drowsy. This allows me to end my night on a positive note, all while sustaining the progress we've made towards relaxation. 
After this night routine, I'm usually ready to drift off to sleep. However, if I still have trouble falling asleep, I'll usually pop a Valerian root capsule. Everyone is different, but this routine has really helped me in my quest for calmness. I hope it can be of help to you too!
So what helps you get sleepy? Drop a comment below, and happy sleeping!