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Nicole Jackson's Word to Women Who Lift

Nicole Jackson's Word to Women Who Lift
Meet lifter Nicole Jackson. Not only does the Fruitful Yield President's daughter kill it in the classroom as a teacher, but she also kills it at the gym. Today, we interview her in hopes to gain insight into her goals, motivations, and pro tips!

FY: Hello Nicole! Welcome to the Fruitful Life Blog. How are you?

Nicole: I'm great! 

FY: Your father tells us that you’re a teacher, a military wife, and a writer, among other amazing things! Tell us about how and when you got into lifting.

Nicole: For me, my introduction to lifting happened in high school. I played volleyball for a long time, so we'd lift for that, and I took a lifting class in high school. After I got out of high school and into college, volleyball was over. I played club volleyball, but it wasn’t the same intensity, so I leaned into lifting as an outlet. Especially now, after moving to Virginia and becoming a teacher, I could use the stress relief! I liked it back then, and it’s nice that I'm able to continue it. Plus, I can take it a little more seriously now, [as opposed to] when my focus was on volleyball.

FY: Besides gains, what are your other goals surrounding lifting?

Nicole: Overall health! I don’t need to be 70 years old, lifting 400 pounds. It's long-term health effects I'm looking for. I still want to be able to walk, go to the gym, and move when I'm older. I use my body as much as I can, because we’re not supposed to be stagnant. I never want to lose my mobility or get stuck somewhere because I can’t move!

FY: Of course! What do you do when you lose motivation?

Nicole: Girl, I’d be lying if I said that's not a problem for me! It is 1000 % discipline after you lose motivation. You’re not always motivated; it comes down to discipline and doing what’s right for my long-term goal to be healthy. I promise you, when I leave work, I'm not always like, "I'm going to go for a run!" After these kids, I want to go home and sleep!
Nicole puts in her time at the gym.

FY: We'd feel the same way. As for products, are there any FY products that have assisted you on your journey?

Nicole: Yes, I use a multivitamin, a fish oil and NOW Whey Protein. Usually my dad buys them for me. He’s like, "Here you go!" So, I'm like, "Great!" 

FY: It's nice to have that hookup! What do you think is the hardest part of being a lifter?

Nicole: I think generally, if you're not consistent with lifting, it can be hard to get back into a routine after taking a break. And, not to talk about it being male vs. female, but it can be extra intimidating for women to get into the weight room. If it's their first time, and they're not comfortable with machines and the lifts, it can be hard for them to get in the room. 
However, lady lifter or not, it’s not being concerned with what other people are thinking of you. Nine times out of ten, they're not watching you like you think they are. If they are, just you being there is a huge win. You cannot let their judgement impede your goals, and what you want to get done. It’s cliche, but it’s the truest thing!

FY: If you had any closing advice for other aspiring lifters, what would it be?

It’s good to find a reputable beginner program. This provides a couple exercises with demo videos for people just starting, because it takes the work out of deciding which exercises, and what muscles you should work, and explains what exercises to do. I find it helpful now, even though I'm not a beginner!
Also, the first time around, go with friends. Going with somebody makes things a little more comfortable.
If you wanna go do it, I say go do it! It’s a lot of fun. I like being strong; I like when you hit that new PR [or personal record]. It’s exciting when you’re getting closer to your goals; it keeps you addicted. The endorphin high you get from moving your body keeps you coming to the gym.
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