Naturtint Ash Blonde Lite Hair Colorant 10-A, 4.7 fl.oz.

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Ash Blonde (4.5oz) Naturtint

Permanent Hair Colorant with Vegetable Ingredients Enjoy the natural secret of beautiful, healthy hair. Naturtint possesses an exclusive and revolutionary formula combining the guarantee of a permanent hair colorant with the benefits of natural herbal and cereal ingredients.

Natural Features: Naturtint contains no ammonia. It is enriched with soy and coconut derivatives, as a subtle blend of oat, soy, corn and wheat extracts which gently complement the hair coloring process while the rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils in the Hair Conditioner secure a fresh, healthy and silky shine on the hair.

Natural Look: Naturtint covers all normal grey hair from the very first application yet is gentle on even permed or the most fragile hair. Its vegetable ingredients help to nourish, protect, moisturise and restructure the hair bestowing a rich, radiant and long-lasting color, volume and shine.

Natural Value: Naturtint is easy to use and its results are gentle and effective to observe. Simply shake the mixture and apply to the hair.

Natural Quality: Naturtint is dermatologically tested and contains pharmaceutically conrolled ingredients of the very highest cosmetic quality.

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