Welcome back to The Fruitful Life Blog! Today, Sandhya from our Schaumburg store joins us on the blog to share her journey in wellness. We love working with Sandhya; from her curiosity to her helpfulness, she keeps us on our toes. We hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as we have! 

An Introduction to Wellness

I’m the youngest of eight children, and was the first to go to college. I enrolled in the nursing school at Loyola University back in the 70's. Like most young adults at the time, I wanted to rebel. Instead of rebelling with drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll, like many in my generation, I rebelled by doing yoga, meditation, and becoming a vegetarian. At the time, it was all very strange to my family, so it served its purpose. However, I also started to learn a great deal about health and wellness. I changed my major to theology and biology.
I began learning an enormous amount about the body, mind and spirit connection--as well as health, food, and exercise. I learned from top-notch instructors and speakers of the time. It was all very inspiring. I felt like there was a larger purpose to what I was doing. I felt like I was actually on the cutting edge of human evolution.

With a flourish, Sandhya gives a tour of the store (2018).

Fast forward, I practiced as a Holistic, Licensed Massage Therapist for decades. I also taught classes in Yoga, Holistic health, Meditation, Vegetarian cooking, and much more. I taught for colleges, universities, park districts, continuing education programs, and private groups. In the field of education, there is always a learning curve, and I love that. You’re always learning. Then, it’s so fun to share what you’ve learned to help others live happier, healthier lives.
Over 12 years ago, I retired from that and went to work for La Leche League International. They help mothers and babies with breast-feeding and teach mothers to raise healthy families. There too, I felt like I was constantly on a learning curve, and what I was learning made a real difference in peoples' lives. 
Before I applied to Fruitful Yield, I'd been a regular shopper for about 30 years. During orientation, Jessica Earley trained me. She told me she was on the Training Team, and I told her I'd like to be a trainer too. I figured it would take me a while, but the role just clicked inside me. It was right in front of me. This was a perfect transition from what I'd been doing. I could still use everything I'd learned, expand my knowledge, and integrate it all into serving the community.

Sandhya helps a scout out as he makes an essential oil DIY! (2018)

The education that an associate gets at the Fruitful Yield, in my opinion, is unprecedented. Most stores do not put an associate through that much training. It’s awesome.
I've taught yoga for decades, traveled to India three times for three weeks, trekked the Himalayas on the third trip. I have parachuted out of an airplane, walked on hot coals, rafted thru the length of the Grand Canyon, done sweat lodges, and explored Paris for three weeks. I have studied in many traditions: Buddhist, American-Indian, Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Christian mystical traditions, Traditional Chinese medicine, Neuro-muscular therapy. I’ve also studied biology, nutrition, physiology, psychology, spirituality and theology.

Learning & Experience Come Together

as an FY Product Specialist

I am on the front lines. I see and hear the needs of our customers--their health goals and concerns. Continually, I learn more ways and new things that may help them live happier, healthier lives. I’m really doing what I’ve always done: being on the cutting edge, learning new and helpful information, and being a humble steward who gladly passes it along.
Thank you to Sandhya for sharing her journey in the field of wellness! We hope you enjoyed getting to know her a little bit more. Comment below if you'd like us to pass along a "hello" to her!