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Mindful Gratitude

Mindful Gratitude

Wellness is about more than what you put in your body; it's also about what you put in your mind. Filling it with thankful thoughts can provide long-term benefits for mental health, as many clinical studies show. From improved moods to healthier relationships, there are many reasons to practice mindful gratitude-- not just on Thanksgiving, but every day!

Try one or all of these easy ways to give thanks!

Count your blessings.

This classic bit of advice is easier said than done, but it only takes a few moments to reflect on everything you have to be grateful for. Try pausing for at the end of each day to reflect on positive experiences and gifts. It’s helpful to record these in a gratitude list or journal. Then, on days when it’s harder to be grateful, you can look back and see how much you already have to be thankful for!

Write a thank-you note.

You don’t have to wait to receive a gift before writing a thank-you note to someone. Compose a note to a person who has positively impacted your life, telling them why you appreciate them. Not only will it help put you in a grateful mood, it will bless the recipient as well!

Expression appreciation to others.

You don't always need to sit down and write a note to be grateful for others. Get in the habit of thanking them for their help, their influence, or for just being there for you. Promote a positive workplace environment by expressing appreciation to coworkers for a job well done. You can even appreciate yourself by naming (or writing down) things you like about yourself-- your personality, your healthy body, and even your grateful attitude! 


What are you grateful for? We'd love to hear your responses in the comments below!

Here at Fruitful Yield, we are thankful for you, our readers and customers! Thank-you for caring about your health, for taking steps to live a naturally healthy lifestyle, and for allowing us to help you on that journey.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Fruitful Yield!

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