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KETO Tofu Spinach Bowl

KETO Tofu Spinach Bowl

The perfect recipe for a healthy you on-the-go! Use your fave flavor of Wildwood® Organic Baked Tofu, which is organic and non-GMO, to create this quick and KETO-friendly recipe. Nutrient-dense spinach is at the heart of this dish, making it a healthy choice for everyone! Liquid aminos, fresh mushrooms, and sesame seeds add to the healthy benefits of this simple eat. If your spinach isn't pre-washed like ours is from Organic Girl®, make sure to wash it before you cook. Visit us in-store for these health minded ingredients!

Prep Time: 4 min

Cook Time: 8 min

Serves: 1


3 Tablespoons NOW® Real Food Avocado Oil

3 ounces Wildwood® Organic Baked Tofu

1/2 cup pre-cut mushrooms

2 garlic cloves

3 cups baby spinach

1 Tablespoon sesame seeds

1 Tablespoon Bragg® Liquid Aminos 


1. Crush peeled garlic cloves with the flat side of a dull butter knife, then chop in half. Chop baked tofu into cubes.

2. Heat avocado oil in a large sauté pan or wok on medium-high heat for 1 minute, before adding garlic, tofu cubes, and cut mushrooms. Sauté 5 minutes, flipping tofu occasionally.

3. Add washed spinach to the pan, along with sesame seeds. Cook for 2 minutes or until spinach is slightly wilted. 

4. Immediately turn off heat and add liquid amino acids. Quickly stir again before adding to your fave bowl. 


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