Jarrow Beyond Bone Broth Beef, 10.8 oz.

  • Savory drink with significant amounts of nutrients as collagen and minerals
  • Bioactive Type I and Type II collagen peptides
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • Contains approximately 17 servings
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Beyond Bone Broth is a powdered drink mix that supplies bioactive Type I and Type II collagen peptides, cartilage chondroitin sulfate, calcium and related components from Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite, marine minerals, and JarroSil Activated Silicon. These nutrients are present in significant amounts and provide a nutritional matrix that goes beyond homemade broths.

Directions: Mix 1 heaping scoop (18 g) with 4 to 6 oz. of hot water.