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Go Zero-Waste with Fruitful Yield

Go Zero-Waste with Fruitful Yield

Are you considering going Zero-Waste? In recent years, there's been news that coral reefs have died from rising temperatures and plastic invading the reefs. The Zero-Waste trend means using little to no plastic, styrofoam, or other single-use containers, to do better for our oceans and planet. Some extraordinarily motivated people have even gotten their waste down to one jar of garbage per 5 years! If going Zero-Waste is a goal of yours, our stores do carry a few products to help you get started - and of course, don't forget to recycle!

1. Reusable Bags Over Plastic

It's true that Fruitful Yield's "plastic" bags are biodegradable, recyclable and made from corn, but having re-usable shopping totes is even better for the environment! That's why we carry re-usable Fruitful Yield branded tote bags as well. Fun fact: Instead of tossing away our corn-based plastic bags, consider reusing them for things like liners for small trash-bins around your house or for during a walk with your pup, to clean up any messes.

2. Glass Jars and Bottles


Small glass jars and bottles are perfect for concocting DIY house cleaners and beauty recipes. You can wash and reuse them for a long time to come! We carry different sizes and types, including spray bottles, amber jars, roll-ons, and lotion bottles. 

3. Package-less Soaps


We sell many of our bar soaps naked, or without packaging. In our stores and online we carry The Soap Works, a line that offers bars for various skin concerns. We also love HiBar for solid, plastic-free shampoos and conditioners. For all you smell-oriented people, we're all about Pacha Soap for bare soaps and bath salts. 

4. Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles nix the need for single-use plastic bottles and straws! We highly recommend stainless steel and glass varieties. Our stores carry lots of bottles and different colors from Klean Kanteen, Life Factory, and New Wave - for both hot and cold drinks! Don't have filtered water at home to fill those bottles? Consider a water filter, like this one from New Wave.

5. Litter Free Lunchbox Kits

These lunchboxes come with individual containers for sandwiches, sides, and a drink, so no need for sandwich baggies. These containers will last years, and when they are no longer usable, just recycle! If you want to go plastic-free, we've recently brought in stainless steel containers from New Wave, and also carry glass containers from Life Factory.

6. Tongue Scrapers

Thanks to Dr. Tung, we've got some stainless steel tongue scrapers, for people who want a clean tongue for years to come! Easy to clean, these scrapers are built to last.


Have you been going Zero Waste for a while now? Let us know in the comments what your fave products are or some tips on keeping our earth clean! 


  • Anichka September 13, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    I always use my own reusable bags while at Fruitful Yield. I also avoid plastic storage containers.

    One suggestion though, I think more people would be willing and would bring inn their own reusable bags into Fruitful Yield if there was 10¢-15¢ off for each bag used. Not only would this be helping a little more for the environment with customers bringing in their own bags but also give a small little bit of savings as well.

    • Fruitful Yield September 13, 2018 at 1:26 pm

      Thank-you Anichka! That is a great suggestion, and we will pass it on to management for consideration. We are always looking for ways to be good stewards of the environment, and appreciate customers like you who are, too!

  • Jen January 26, 2019 at 2:22 pm

    I would like to see Fruitful Yield stop offering single-use shopping bags. I know this model works for Aldi, Costco, and Natural Grocer and I'm sure there are others. If stores stopped offering single-use bags, plastic or paper, people would adjust and either bring their own bags or use empty boxes from the store.

    • Fruitful Yield January 29, 2019 at 1:04 pm

      Thank-you for your feedback Jen! We have passed on your comment to management for consideration-- we are always looking for ways to be better stewards of the planet! In the meantime, we sell reusable shopping bags in our stores, and also encourage customers to bring their own if they prefer. The single-use bags we currently use are made from plants and are thus biodegradable and recyclable!

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