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Today we welcome a guest post from our local Fit4Mom® chapter, sharing some simple but effective fitness tips for busy moms!

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs. It requires a level of selflessness and patience that could rattle even the most calm, cool and collected. Often women find themselves facing feelings of isolation and loneliness, wanting to find their pre-mommy selves. A great way to get back to YOU is carving out time in the day for a workout. Even 20 minutes of activity can spark the energy mama needs to tackle whatever the day has in store! Here are three simple tips to help you get fit, mama.

Take a walk

Grab the stroller and head outside for a brisk walk around the neighborhood. A power walk combined with pushing little ones in the stroller will get that heart rate up, working out legs, arms, and everything in between. Pick a destination, like a park, so the kiddos have something to look forward to at the end of the walk and you have a goal to reach.

Two moms going for a walk pushing their children in strollers on a sunny day

Take a class

Sometimes we need accountability. Group fitness classes are a great way to keep yourself accountable for your workouts and make some great friends. FIT4MOM®-- the nation’s largest wellness company with programs exclusively and thoughtfully designed for moms – has answered the call with a welcoming community and a variety of fitness classes for women at all stages of motherhood, from pregnancy to empty nest.

Row of moms working out with exercise balls next to their children in strollers

FIT4MOM® offers Stroller Fitness classes that kiddos can attend with mom, as well as classes that are for mom only. With locations throughout Chicagoland, getting that workout in with or without little ones is more accessible than ever. Need more motivation? Your first class is FREE! Find a location and class near you at

Take a cue from the kids

Who’s little one doesn’t love Simon Says or a great dance party at home? Get in on their fun! Join your kids in a game of Simon Says and toss in a few heart-pumping and strength-building exercises. Simon Says do 10 jumping jacks. Simon Says do 10 push-ups. Or, have a dance party with a playlist of your kids' or your favorite songs. See who in the family has the best moves! Pause the music for 10 seconds and hold a pose like a low squat or plank. It’s a fun way to play and get in that workout!

These are just a few ways to fit a workout into a busy day as a mom who juggles lots of different balls. Take time to reconnect with yourself and rediscover the inner and physical strength that you have, mama. It’s there and you’ll feel fantastic.

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