Floradix Iron + Herbs, 23 fl. oz.

  • Iron + herbs liquid extract formula
  • Rich in iron & B-vitamins
  • Easily absorbed
  • Non-constipating
  • Comes in a 23 fl. oz. bottle
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Floradix is the best-selling natural liquid iron supplement in North America. It helps fight back against iron deficiency by promoting the formation of healthy red blood cells. Plus, this safe, low dose, liquid iron supplement is formulated for easy absorption and assimilation and is gentle on the digestive tract due to its use of ferrous gluconate, a highly soluble iron compound. Floradix also contains carefully selected plants and ingredients, chosen for their effectiveness and digestibility, including carrots and spinach, among others, and the juices of pears, red grapes, and other nutrient-rich fruits.

Directions: Adults (12 and over): Take 10 mL (two teaspoons) of Floradix Iron + Herbs twice daily before meals. Children (4 – 11 years old): Take 10 mL (two teaspoons) once daily before a meal.