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Eco-Friendly Picnic Tips

Eco-Friendly Picnic Tips

It's International Picnic Day, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing a meal with friends in the great outdoors? But if you enjoy being outside, chances are you're conscious about taking care of the earth, too-- which can be a challenge when most picnics involve disposable, plastic or styrofoam plates and cups! Wondering how you can have your picnic and take care of the earth, too? We've made it easy for your with these eco-friendly picnic tips so you can have all the fun without sacrificing any of the convenience.


Reduce the amount of waste by using dinnerware and utensils you already use at home. If you only use glass or ceramic ware and don't want to risk breakage in transit, invest in reusable plastic tableware for picnics and parties. For a more convenient option, try compostable plates, cups, and bowls by Repurpose


Don't let anything go to waste-- that includes food! Bring reusable food containers to store leftovers (don't forget reusable ice packs and a cooler if they need to be kept cold!). Use a fabric tablecloth instead of a plastic, disposable one, and switch out paper napkins for cloth ones.


Opt for food choices that come in recyclable packaging. Choose healthy beverages in glass bottles or aluminum cans. Most store-bought side dishes (such as potato and fruit salads) come in recyclable plastic containers. Even some snacks come in recyclable bags-- such as NOW Real Food's snack line in TerraCycle bags (find a TerraCycle drop-off bin at your nearest Fruitful Yield store, or print a free shipping label to mail empty packaging directly to TerraCycle). We love Crunchy Clusters, Roasted Salted Cashews, and Raw Energy Nut Mix for delicious, picnic-ready snacks!

Lastly, don't forget to clean up! Dispose of any trash in the nearest trash receptacle, and make sure to deposit recyclables in their appropriate bins if available. Otherwise, bring an extra bag to collect recyclables for recycling at home or at your nearest drop-off bin.

Let's learn from each other! How do you stay eco-friendly while enjoying favorite summer activities? Share your tips with us in the comments below! 


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