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DIY Organic Plant Fertilizer

DIY Organic Plant Fertilizer

Surely your mom has told you about putting eggshells in her garden? This garden secret capitalizes on that simple idea but provides immediate fertilization with nutrient-rich water, as well as fertilization over time from eggshells -- without the large, embarrassing chunks of shell that take forever to disintegrate. If you already eat boiled eggs, this trick comes at no extra cost to you and is all-natural. Sounds like a win-win to us! This trick is especially great for organic produce gardens.

Shout out to @planterina for her amazing tutorials that inspired this idea.



Organic eggs


1. Boil your eggs as per usual to prepare hard or soft-boiled eggs. 

2. Save your boiled water -- that's liquid gold! Take your eggs from the water with a spoon.

3. When you peel your eggs to eat, add the shells back to the boiled water you saved. 

4. Allow to cool, and save shell-water mixture in the refrigerator for a couple of days. 

5. When you're ready to fertilize, add shell-water mixture to a high-speed blender, and blend until shells are super small. (We love this affordable, easy-clean blender from NOW!)

6. Shake and pour over the plants you want to fertilize! 

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