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Cowboy Quinoa Skillet

Cowboy Quinoa Skillet

You may be city folk, but we know you’re a rugged cowboy at heart. All the fresh produce in this recipe is organic at Fruitful Yield. Packed with protein and flavor, this skillet is perfect for your next wilderness trip… or yoga retreat.

Prep time: 5 min

Cook time: 15 min

Servings: 4


4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil or ghee

8 Chicken & Maple Sausage links – Applegate

1 Q cup Southwestern BBQ Quinoa – Ellyndale

½ of a chopped onion

4 cups roughly chopped kale, de-stemmed

2 large garlic cloves

a dash of red pepper flake (optional) – Simply Organic

salt and pepper to taste


1. Brown the sausage with oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Remove sausage with a fork, cut, and set aside.

2. Add ½ c of boiling water to your Q cup. Stir, cover with lid, and let sit for 5 min.

3. Add onion to sausage oils, and brown over medium heat. (Drizzle more olive oil as needed.)

4. Add garlic and red pepper to onions and cook until fragrant.

5. Immediately add quinoa, kale, and sausage. Stir to warm.

6. Salt and pepper to taste.

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