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Community Spotlight | Alaffia

Community Spotlight | Alaffia

Alaffia (pronounced ah-la-fee-uh) was born out of a deep sense of responsibility and a genuine love for humankind. Co-founder, Olowo-n’djo Tchala grew up sharing an 8’ x 10’ room with his mother, Ina, and seven siblings. Unable to afford school, he dropped out of the sixth grade to farm alongside his mother and provide additional sources of income.

Founders Prairie Rose & Olowo-n’djo Tchala.

In 1996, Olowo-n’djo met Prairie Rose Hyde, a Peace Corp volunteer. They shared a deep passion and sense of responsibility to positively impact humankind. Shortly after meeting, they fell in love and turned that love into a force for good through the creation of Alaffia. They created a beauty and personal care social enterprise with the sole mission of empowering lives. Alaffia alleviates poverty and advances gender equality through fair trade of indigenous resources and key community initiatives.

Alaffia’s women-run cooperatives produce ingredients local to each African community using traditional, African methods. These nutrient-rich ingredients, such as the shea butter being mixed above, are found in Alaffia’s products. These products are natural, clean, safe, and effective. As a Certified Fair for Life organization, a percentage of product sales contribute to Alaffia’s Empowerment Projects. The projects address vital areas for the people of West Africa: maternal care, education, eyeglasses and reforestation. Annually, over 10,000 lives are impacted through Alaffia’s social enterprise model.

Alaffia also assists children with school supplies!

As part of their education empowerment program, Alaffia has built 14 new schools. They also solicit used and new bicycles. A simple bicycle is the difference between a young person staying in school after the third grade, or dropping out. The lack of infrastructure and transportation causes students to drop out because of the long distance to and from school. Alaffia's bicycle donations have increased the retention rate, and given students the power and education needed to be successful. Learn more at

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