Citrus Magic Fresh Citrus Air Freshener, 8 oz.

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Magically Absorbs Odors!

Solid Air Freshener.

Fresh Citrus Scent.

Ideal for:

Basements Closets Pet Areas Cars Smoke Mold Mildew

Long Lasting Dual Action:

  • Natural Citrus Freshens the Air
  • Activated Charcoal Absorbs Odors!

Citrus Magic Solid Air Freshener magically absorbs bad odors and freshens the air... Naturally! Using a unique formula that utilizes activated charcoal, Citrus Magic quickly absorbs foul odors, and freshens the air with a natural citrus scent! Ideal for odors caused by pets, garbage, smoke, mildew, dampness, chemicals, paint fumes, etc.

Ingredients: Water, saponified vegetable fatty acid, citrus and vegetable-derived odor eliminators, fragrance, vegetable derived emulsifiers, glycerin, salt, and charcoal.

Peel off top label exposing air vents. Place all around the house in the areas you want to keep fresh and odor-free.

Citrus Magic will absorb odors in 350 sq ft areas for 6-8 weeks. For larger areas, like basements, use several units evenly spaced. For increased effectiveness, place near circulating air source.

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