Angelic Bakehouse Pickled Sweet Onion Beet Crisps, 5 oz.

  • Delectable companion for all kinds of cheese & hummus
  • Perfect combination of sweet & savory
  • 7 sprouted whole grains
  • Comes in a 5 oz. bag
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The perfect combination of sweet and savory, these beet crisps are a delectable companion for all kinds of cheese and hummus. Use or freeze within 1 year of ship date.

Ingredients: Red Wheat Berries Quinoa Oat Groats Rye Berries Barley Amaranth Millet Sunflower Oil Whole Wheat Flour Seasoning (Cane Sugar, Toasted Onion, Salt, Yeast Extract, Vinegar Solids, Garlic, Sunflower Oil) Beet Juice (Beet Juice, Citric Acid) Wheat Gluten Cultured Wheat Flour Agave Syrup Yeast Oat Fiber Salt Molasses

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