Ancient Secrets Nasal Cleansing Pot, 9.4 oz.

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The practice of nasal washing, known as Neti, has been used by practitioners of Yoga and Ayurveda in India for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Neti is one of the six purification techniques undertaken prior to the practice of yoga to help prepare the body. Some yoga teachers consider it valuable in cleansing the energy channels and balancing the right and left hemispheres as the foundation upon which true yogic practice can come to fruition. Lukewarm water is used to gently open up and moisturize the nasal passages. Use of a neti pot is recommended to ease this process.

NOTE: This information and the Nasal Cleansing Pot are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. If you are one of the many people who find that your nasal passages are blocked as a result of the effects of pollution, dust, pollen and other irritants, you may find this simple cleansing and moisturizing technique of invaluable benefit to you.

WARNINGS: *Never use either HOT or COLD water. *If you are unable to blow your nose, you should not use this product except under the specific care and recommendation of your health care practitioner. *Children using this product should be aided by a responsible adult. *As with your toothbrush, do not share your Nasal Cleansing Pot with others. *If you have any chronic illness, or health condition, or if you experience any kind of discomfort or nosebleed, do not use this product except under the specific guidance of your health care practitioner. *Do not use this product before consulting a physician if you have a new or acute ear infection. *If you have had ear surgery, please contact your physician prior to use of this product. *Stop use and contact your physician if you experience pressure in your ears while using. *If you are suffering from any disease or illness, be sure to consult your health care practitioner.